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  • C.elegans Synchronizers

    C.elegans Synchronizers

    Laboratory Equipment and Instrumentation Rosmalen (Netherlands ) September 26, 2018 Check with publisher

    The L1 C. elegans Synchronizer (CES) is a manual worm Synchronizer that allows you to harvest small and large volumes of tight synchronized L1’s without the use of chemicals or starvation. It enables you to get synchronized worms that do not contain ...

  • Instant Freeze-dried OP50

    Instant Freeze-dried OP50

    Reagents - Supplies Rosmalen (Netherlands ) September 26, 2018 Check with publisher

    Don't settle for the inconsistency of in-house grown OP50. Use Freeze-dried Instant OP50 from LabTIE to obtain reproducible food quality and lawn thickness. Freeze-dried Instant OP50 is in ready-to-use format to trigger steady feeding behavior over t...

  • Medical Device

    Medical Device

    Laboratory Equipment and Instrumentation Ronkonkoma (New York) February 11, 2019 Check with publisher

    As human cognition of the world increases, the level of medical care continues to increase, so is the use of medical devices. The use of medical devices is closely related to our life and health, which means that it is vital to ensure the safety and ...