• Industrial Synthetic Biology Congress

    Industrial Synthetic Biology Congress

    Biology & Physiology Munich (Germany ) April 9, 2018 Check with publisher

    New advances in heterologous expression and biomolecular control systems are bringing about the biomanufacturing revolution. Join Oxford Global on the 8th – 9th October 2018 in Munich, Germany, to discuss the opportunities for chemical and natural pr...

  • Meat Testing Services

    Meat Testing Services

    Chemical Methods Ronkonkoma (New York) February 11, 2019 Check with publisher

    Meat, one of the most nutritious foods, contains a lot of protein, fat, sugar, minerals and vitamins. It is delicious with a high absorption rate, deeply popular among people.. However, in the production of meat, there are many ways the meat can be c...

  • Florfenicol Amine [BSA]

    Florfenicol Amine [BSA]

    Life Sciences Shirley (New York) October 23, 2018 Check with publisher

    Florfenicol are broad spectrum antibiotics closely related in structure and activity to chloramphenicol. Florfenicol have similar antibacterial spectra to chloramphenicol but have not been associated with aplastic anaemia. Both drugs have been used f...

  • Computer Systems Validation Conference 2018 - 21 CFR Part11 Compliance

    Computer Systems Validation Conference 2018 - 21 CFR Part11 Compliance

    Pharmacology - Drug Development Zurich (Zurich) April 2, 2018 Check with publisher

    Course "Validation and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance of Computer Systems" has been pre-approved by RAPS as eligible for up to 12 credits towards a participant's RAC recertification upon full completion. Overview: Computer Systems Validation (CSV) also kn...

  • Recombinant E.coli groL

    Recombinant E.coli groL

    Molecular Biology Shirley (New York) March 24, 2019 Check with publisher

    Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms (endotherms). Most E. coli strains are harmless, but some serotypes can cause serious food poisoning in humans, and are ...

  • Peptide Synthesis

    Peptide Synthesis

    Clinical/Medical Sciences Shirley (New York) February 11, 2019 Check with publisher

    Peptides are central compounds in the pharmaceutical industry, providing both final medications and lead compounds for the preparation of peptidomimetic or non-peptidic pharmaceuticals. Therapeutic peptides are recognised as being extremely specific ...

  • Industrial Enzyme Production

    Industrial Enzyme Production

    Biological Sciences Shirley (New York) February 15, 2019 Check with publisher

    Creative Enzymes is a leading company of contract manufacturing and development. Our high-quality services are focused on enzyme related projects and serve customer’s need in many industries. We develop and manufacture specialty enzymes in both small...

  • Invertase Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit

    Invertase Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit

    Reagents - Supplies (United States ) June 6, 2017 Check with publisher

    Invertase (EC, also known as sucrase or β-fructofuranosidase, catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose (table sugar) by cleaving its glycosidic bond and forming one molecule each of glucose and fructose. Invertase is widely expressed among plant...

  • Instant Freeze-dried OP50

    Instant Freeze-dried OP50

    Reagents - Supplies Rosmalen (Netherlands ) September 26, 2018 Check with publisher

    Don't settle for the inconsistency of in-house grown OP50. Use Freeze-dried Instant OP50 from LabTIE to obtain reproducible food quality and lawn thickness. Freeze-dried Instant OP50 is in ready-to-use format to trigger steady feeding behavior over t...

  • Acetate Assay Kit

    Acetate Assay Kit

    Immunology (United States ) June 6, 2017 Check with publisher

    ACETATE is a common anion and fundamental to all forms of life. When bound to coenzyme A, it is central to the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. It is acid form, acetic acid, is produced and excreted by acetic acid bacteria, such as Acetobacter g...

  • Corn Testing Services

    Corn Testing Services

    Chemical Methods Ronkonkoma (New York) February 11, 2019 Check with publisher

    Corn is an annual monoecious cross-pollination plant. It is an important food crop and feed crop. It is also the world's highest-yielding crop. Its planting area and total output are second only to rice and wheat. Corn is native to Central and South ...

  • Biopharmaceutical Testing Services

    Biopharmaceutical Testing Services

    Drug Development Ronkonkoma (New York) March 11, 2019 Check with publisher

    Biopharmaceuticals differ from fully chemically synthesized drugs that are manufactured, extracted, or semi-synthetically derived from biological sources, including vaccines, blood, blood components, gene therapy, living cells used in cell therapy an...