Animal Husbandry & Transgenics

  • Mouse Management Software

    Mouse Management Software

    Animal Husbandry & Transgenics Chicago (ILL) June 4, 2016 500.00 Dollar US$

    Managing mice with excel is ridiculous. Sign up at With MouseHouse, you can drag/drop to setup breeding pairs, get alerts for weaning, tag mice for experiments and collaborate with your whole lab. MouseHouse will help you meet y...

  • Drosophila Embryo Injection Services

    Drosophila Embryo Injection Services

    Animal Husbandry & Transgenics Chino Hills (California) January 13, 2016 200.00 Dollar US$

    We provide high quality Drosophila transgenic service to both research institutions and companies. We offer you partial to full service ranging from DNA preparation, embryo microinjection, screening for white+, yellow+, vermilion+ and/or Fluorescence...