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As can see, this dreamer is in a dangerous situation. His long dream was showing him that he cannot live isolated without being a victim of people controlled by their anti-conscience. Since he is mentally ill, this means that he is not able to think logically. Thus, he is an easy victim for those who want to take advantage of him. This was what the unconscious mind showed him in the beginning of the dream.Why do problem solvers guess in stead of following a Scientific approach to problem solving? Maybe because it feels quicker? Maybe a lack of experience in efficient problem solving? Or maybe because it feels like hard work to do it Scientific? Maybe while you keep on guessing and not really solving, you generate more income and add some job security? Or maybe because you violate the first principle of problem solving: understand the problem.As the time progressed, technology offers a lot of alternatives by introducing the best of technology that can offer. There are also those that are simple and easy and all natural methods. To know the difference better read this."A scientific skincare product does not contain mineral oil." While searching for the best natural skincare, you may find products containing mineral oil. Clogging your pores will be the result when using mineral oil and lead to more problems.I often tell my wife my theories on the universe. She politely listens. She has heard me say many times that black holes have to be one of the oldest features of the universe and did not form later by large mass concentrations simply grabbing up ancient matter. Yes, they grabbed up matter but many of them were already there.Let us start with the skull. It is also referred to as the cranium. As mentioned earlier, it is the bone that protects and envelopes the brain. If it is damaged, the brain will be in danger therefore it should be attended to immediately.Play games that ask questions...trivia is always fun. Science asks the questions how, why and least that is what the Science decal decorations for this party theme says, so your games should ask questions as well.Do not be fooled by brand name products either. They are no different when it comes to using ingredients that are not natural. Some of these products use ingredients have been shown to actually be harmful to skin.