Science Marketplace (SM) was developed by scientists for scientists with the aim to facilitate all types of scientific exchanges, including collaborations, services, jobs and conferences. In other words, to provide a virtual marketplace for scientists of all fields. From individual students and researchers to large facilities and commercial companies, anyone can showcase his/her expertise, announce projects, offer services, advertise jobs, studentships and conferences. Likewise, anyone can search what is currently on offer. Science is more than ever about finding the right partner and our goal is for SM to make this easier than ever, for free. We hope you enjoy it. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed, so please feel free to contact us or contribute ideas to our community section.

SM was conceived and developed by Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães, a Harvard-trained computational biologist presently based in Liverpool in England. His vision was to create a simple and intuitive online platform that allows researchers to showcase their expertise, companies and institutional facilities can publicize their scientific services and both industry and academia can announce jobs and studentships. In turn, scientists of all different backgrounds and career stages can use SM to find new collaborators, projects, jobs, scientific services, conferences and even lab equipment and reagents. A few other volunteers also help maintain and develop the website.

SM is based on Osclass with a heavily modified and customized OsclassWizards theme. The main page figures came from, respectively, the Idaho National Laboratory, the European Southern Observatory and University of Salford Press Office. The drop down menu on the main page employs code by Catalin Rosu.