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Hello every person, I am Shivam from and I am creating this assessment hoping that it will assist you resolve the problem of discovering the greatest advertising and marketing spouse for your company. As I study by means of the comments, I can see that most of you have been struggling to uncover that best individual - the quintessential advertising and marketing ‘guru' who claims to possess all the information of how firms perform.Allow me start with this. I wasted numerous months - nearly a year - dealing with these self-proclaimed gurus who seemed to be so wonderful at providing the correct sermons at the proper time. However, it never ever went beyond that. The phrases - that is all they had to supply. Sure, these people could promote dreams but what I truly essential was to promote my item and that was undoubtedly not taking place. Interestingly, in the original phases, I was lost in the game of impressions, visibility, postings, engagement, material, blogs, leads and so on. But then, where had been the income? It was nonetheless eluding me, operating away from me, just like success. I was seeking at me like a bhakt in search of nirvana but then all I acquired was gurujis who just talk and speak about so several issues except for telling me how to achieve nirvana, in my situation, sales. These self proclaimed digital gurus, the freelancers, some digital marketing and advertising businesses and their income guys, some promotors of digital companies and their theories, nonetheless amaze me. Anyways, given that there is no yard stick for functionality and that things consider time, I was not positive on whom to think and whom not to at that stage.Anyway, I nevertheless made the decision to stick to the program. I just believed I had not identified the correct individual. So I went from a single ‘guru' to another. Damn! I wish I had utilized that time and power for far better functions. Soon after eight months of wasting my time, I was just disappointed and virtually hopeless. I virtually gave up on using digital as a tool for lead or for income. I imagined, damn it, may possibly be the standard method would work greater and could get much more final results out of them, but then the digital dream and the truth that if not today in years to come we would be completely on digital platform manufactured me realized that it was critical for me to comprehend these equipment, and locate a companion who can truly anchor my digital ship in the digital word.Ultimately, I made a decision to collaborate with some company, and yes, I imply a appropriate company, not like the ones who say "what's the need to come to my workplace? In any case, we are going to function digitally, so why bother meeting? Let's begin the operate." Oh, come on, guy, I realize operate happens digitally, but they are not digital ghosts who function. It has to be somebody. So why this hide and seek out and why no meet with the consumer! A correct agency appeared like the greatest choice after a series of disappointments. Doing work with my very first agency, I could undoubtedly really feel the difference. They had a staff, the encounter and most importantly, they had the intent to function.Despite the fact that, I would like to mention here that locating the appropriate company for your business can be a cumbersome job. There are so numerous possibilities in the market place nowadays. Some are excellent at digital advertising but will not have the necessary knowledge in offline marketing and advertising. Most of them do not own up for the ultimate outcomes.Even so, my knowledge with marketing and advertising ‘gurus' had taught me a large lesson so I was definitely going back into that abyss. I was desperate to uncover an agency which could offer you benefits and create revenue for my business. Yes, my friends, all that matters is that at the finish of the day, all the stories and theories about impressions, lead generation, visibility, branding, blogging, etc. should lead me to sale. If income do not occur, there is no point in carrying out all this. I guess one particular usually have much better way of paying. I was very clear that I wanted an agency who is prepared to shoulder the obligation of sales and in reality, talk to me in numbers, and the variety that I recognize, i.e. sales figures. Everything else will fall in area if target and vision is clear. My vision was clear – Revenue.Voila! I was ecstatic when I heard about AOB India. Now, these guys declare to provide companies all through the spectrum. They offer you digital advertising, Search engine optimization, articles, ATL and BTL engagement,MCM development, pre-sales phone, publish lead generation calls and offer a host of final mile solution that in fact can make a big difference and what acquired me hooked was that they assure revenue for your company and don't cease at just lead generation.I imply it was like the golden goose for me. I did a minor a lot more digging and contacted a handful of businesses they have worked with. The response made me even more hopeful and I knew I wanted to operate with AOB.But right here comes the adverse portion. The individuals at AOB are challenging to crack. It is as if they are also picky about who they want to function with. At initial, it left me considering that they have been not even interested in collaborating. These guys have attitude. I guess it comes from the reality that they know how to promote. I came to know considerably later that it truly is variety that matters to these guys, and considering that their income model has a key chunk coming from commission on income, they are choosy about the project. Doing work with them is also extremely tough as they will not have any particular time to function. It really is like a 24x7x365 days operate evening and day are as good as exact same. These guys push you for information, timelines and deliverables. It's just incredible you really feel young again.But I persisted and last but not least managed to get by means of. On the contrary, they turned out to be very flexible and have been ready to operate as per my specifications. And believe me, inside months, I could see my sales going up.These days, it has been more than eight months that I am working with AOB and I am so glad that I found them. So I would like to advocate them to anyone who is looking to consider their organization forward. But, be ready to deal with currently being ‘picky' portion! And will not neglect, every single 1 in their office comes with an mindset – confidence and numbers. All the very best. Hope my review aids.