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Black magic spells are pretty easy to find online. Easy to find and easy to do might be two different things, however. these are rarely easy to do with effective results. This is because these take a lot of practice and a lot of dedication that few people have. Do you think that you have the dedication that it takes to become a caster?If you think you have what it takes, you can start by looking for some these online or in books. There are plenty of resources to find theme, especially on the internet, but you have to be very careful if you are going to try to do the spells on your own. learn black magic spells are not typically the kind of things you can do the first time successfully, and unsuccessful black magic spells can be downright dangerous.Make sure to do plenty of research and learn as much about these skills as you can before you attempt to do it on your own. Another option is to find a mentor, someone who has plenty of experience doing spells and who can teach you the proper way to cast them. There is a trick to it, that's why it's called magic.It has also been suggested that beginners start with some simple white magic spells that won't be so dangerous if they are done incorrectly in most cases. These types of spells are very simple to find on the internet or in books. Look for things like love spells, money spells (a great one to start with), or healing spells. If you are already looking for love, in need of money, or ill, then the worst that can happen is that these spells don't work, but if they do work then you will be much better off because of it.Once you have learned to do simple white magic spells, and they are working for you, then you can step it up a notch and do some more difficult spells, either difficult white magic or simple black magic spells. That is not to say that white magic is easier to do than black magic, both are equally difficult. White magic is just safer to do than black magic spells. Then finally you can begin to practice black magic spells with care.