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The murder of an rich woman cannot but resonate. The cops carry out such cases with great enthusiasm, and finding the primary suspect is you can forget difficult when her will is announced. Even so the suspect stubbornly continues to demand his innocence. And then his fate is to the individual that always hid her true feelings from him. I watched that great detective movie Witness for that Prosecution (1957) on #link# online for free in HD.Web-sites creating detective stories, Billy Wilder, now began to film the classic - one intricate work of mcdougal Agatha Christie. Having already with that time a fair example of creating both film noirs and romantic comedies, the director shoots a special drama, where every action of your characters has got the most unpredictable consequences. He transports the listeners on the courtroom and witnesses an action of justice.“- Doctor? He forbade me everything - alcohol, tobacco, society of women. And already he really wants to deprive me of my job and my name ... Maybe he'll almost certainly put me in the box with mothballs and set me in stock? "From the very first minutes of his acquaintance with attorney Wilfrid Roberts, it can be clear how he were earn his excellent reputation in the joy of judging. He's amply trained in people possesses many tricks as part of his arsenal that assist save his client from execution or long line of imprisonment. As quickly as they do not keep Wilfrid from work and strangle him regarding his care, he still finds time in order to reach his duty - in order to safeguard people that, in the opinion, are innocent. Actor Charles Lawton played the most effective roles of his life on this film. His lawyer just brilliantly speaks essential, trying not just in justify his client, and also to reach the base of the truth.The charming accused Stephen Vole, even without a dependable alibi, is made to move into flu cell for imagine holding a minimum of portion of the inheritance in his hands. Tyrone Power convincingly literally role of a man who is aware that his the world is within reach of his wife, and so awaits his verdict with horror.His last hope is Christine Vole, who is getting ready to do one thing to support her husband. But her every new statement inside the courtroom is another nail from the lid of Stephen's coffin. Cunning lies and constant change of testimony never have helped someone to win a murder case, but it is impossible to understand what really is within this woman's mind. Marlene Dietrich is gorgeous during this movie. The cold restraint of her heroine was crowned guarantee that they been able to interest the ideal lawyer while in the city.The flick surprises throughout its screen time. Shown at this point is probably one of the most striking trials in the reputation cinema. Along with the ending is actually amazing, it would hardly happen to be easy to develop a better ending to that story.You shouldn't trust anyone with your fate, specially if he or she is surely an angry woman.The Witness for any Prosecution is considered an antique Hollywood production. From the best sense of the term. The therapy lamp office success of the film, filmed in 1957, was ensured not only by a dashingly twisted crime plot, but will also with the brilliant performance of Marlene Dietrich and Charles Lawton, recognized as one of the brightest and many talented actors in the twentieth century.The role from the famous lawyer played by Lawton is extremely remembered. In her performance, this clever lawyer with excellent command of his profession amazes the audience with subtle moves to protect a child accused of murder. Before very end of your film, it is not clear whether a professional lawyer will be able to acquit his client. The more unexpected the denouement in the plot.The film, intriguing the viewer from beginning to end, seems sensible for those fans with the detective genre to watch. new movies reviews